Universal Breakfast in the Classroom

July 21st, 2016

The new school year will bring “Universal Breakfast in the Classroom” to pilot sites Centre Middle School and Gaylesville School. The program, a partnership between the school administration, faculty and child nutrition program, will provide each student a daily breakfast meal in their classroom at no cost, regardless of eligibility status. Initial research shows that students who participate in the program are less likely to be absent, visit the school nurse less frequently, and have fewer discipline issues. Consumption of a balanced breakfast is also linked with improved academic performance.

Because many factors contribute to low breakfast participation in the traditional cafeteria setting, administrators at Centre Middle School and Gaylesville School requested they be allowed to pilot “Universal Breakfast in the Classroom” to insure every student has the opportunity to begin the academic day with a nutritious meal. Meals will include milk, juice, fruit, and an entrée. Menus are posted on the Calendars page. Please direct any questions you may have about the program to Christina Lee, Child Nutrition Program Director for Cherokee County Schools. She may be reached at 256-927-3397 or at clee@cherokeek12.org.