Digital Citizenship Week – September 18-22, 2017

September 18th, 2017

Cherokee County Schools will be observing Digital Citizenship Week during the week of September 18-22.  We live in a digital world and teaching students appropriate and responsible use of technology is more important than ever. Technology in Cherokee County Schools is a very important and vital part of daily instruction. Students need to learn to use technology effectively and to be safe online.   

The emphasis of Digital Citizenship Week is “TECH SMART.”

  • Take Care of Technology Equipment
  • Explore Appropriate and Safe Sites for Learning and Research
  • Copyright Law, Fair Use Act, and Creative Commons Matter
  • Help Prevent Cyberbullying
  • Self-image Is Important
  • Make Use of Netiquette
  • Always Give Credit to Original Source
  • Remember to Be Effective, Thoughtful, and Ethical Digital Creators
  • Think

The Technology Responsible Use Policy for Cherokee County Schools addresses all of the TECH SMART practices listed above.  It is the goal of our school district to ensure that all students are taught to use technology responsibly and ethically to become successful digital citizens.  

Resources for Parents

Resources for Teachers

CCBOE Internet Safety Curriculum