What is the Alabama Literacy Act?

In an effort to improve reading outcomes for students across Alabama, the Alabama Legislature passed the Alabama Literacy Act, which became law on June 10, 2019.

This legislation extends comprehensive information and other guidance for educators to focus concentrated and systematic efforts to improve the reading skills of all public school students in early literacy so that every student is reading at or above grade level by the end of the third grade.

Any student in Kindergarten through 3rd grade with an identified reading deficiency would be required to have a Student Reading Improvement Plan (SRIP). A reading deficiency is determined by a consistent deficiency in any of the following areas: letter naming fluency, letter sound fluency, nonsense word fluency, sight words, oral reading accuracy and fluency, vocabulary or comprehension.

Other requirements of the law include: ‣ Assessment of early literacy skills three times during the school year ‣ Parental notification within 15 days of identification of a reading deficiency ‣ Individualized supplemental reading intervention ‣ Strategies and resources for parents to use at home ‣ Summer reading camp

Once a deficiency is identified, teachers are required to notify parents. A diagnostic assessment is given to the child, and based on specific needs, teachers will provide intensive reading instruction and interventions for that child. The specific instruction and targeted interventions will be documented in a Student Reading Improvement Plan (SRIP).

Key Contacts

Each of our elementary schools employs a dedicated reading coach for grades K-3. Please feel free to reach out to your school's coach for more information.

Elementary Curriculum Coordinator: Jennifer Mackey - jmackey@cherokeek12.org

Cedar Bluff School: Colleen McGinnis - cmcginnis@cherokeek12.org

Centre Elementary School: Kaylin Lancaster - klancaster@cherokeek12.org

Gaylesville School: Deanna Murphy - dmurphy@cherokeek12.org

Sand Rock School: Sarah Richardson - srichardson@cherokeek12.org

Spring Garden School: Kim Prater - kprater@cherokeek12.org

How can I help my child?

Please explore the resources below!

Also, please feel free look ahead to the next grade level to see what will be expected of your child in the future.