Parent Education Program ~ PEP Talks

The pandemic has forced schools to rethink how they are able to meet the needs of the families of our students. We have embraced this challenge and look forward to presenting a new approach to Family Engagement and Parent Education called PEP Talks. These will be short, 10-minute virtual episodes that address the needs stated by our parents in surveys sent out this year. We will be covering high-interest parenting topics such as student motivation, low self-esteem, and understanding child anxiety.

Parent Meeting Topic Request
Our Mission

We believe that every family wants to be involved in their child's education and that our community deeply hopes to see our local children succeed.

It is our goal, then, to design programs that equip our families and our community to be effective in their involvement. At the same time, we will be working to increase the capacity of our local schools to successfully engage with our families and communities. As we increase our level of communication and engagement, we will do so with respectful relationships, equal accountability, overlapping responsibilities, and shared vision.